Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Here we go!!!

Today marks a big day, I have FINALLY, after much back and forth, gone to the next level with my sweet little blog.  I have bravely branched out to join the Facebook world!  I am still a stumbling mess as far as my tech skills go, but I am getting there little by little.  Stop by and check out the new page at: and let me know what you think!This has been a HUGE decision for me for some reason.  Is it strange that when it comes to the ups and downs of how I feel about how I look, it's easier for me to share here with a community of people who understand what I am going through then with the people I love and surround myself with everyday?  Any of you feel that way?

Well, along with my general excitement about adding my blog to Facebook, I am also SUPER excited to announce that I found a dress to wear to the wedding.  Some of you may recall back in June I blogged about trying to find something to wear to my fiends wedding this month.  I am bad at shopping for myself for two reasons:
1) I hate spending money on myself
2) I hate shopping in general as it always feels like nothing fits properly

So Monday was (another) yucky, rainy night and the girls and I were on our own as Dadoo had to work.  So we decided to check out the Painted Penguin at the mall, my big girl has been wanting to go for awhile and it seemed like the right kind of night to do it.  I mean what could be more fun for a GNO then painting ceramics and eating mall food!!  So, after we finished painting and having dinner, the girls decide I should play fashion show and try and find a dress for the wedding.  Before I had a chance to moan and complain and make up excuses, my oldest says to me " Let's find something beautiful for our beautiful mom" <insert tears of joy here>.

busy painting away at the Painted Penguin

So we were off, they had a mission.  We went to a few different stores before I actually let them talk me into a dressing room and as I was putting on dresses it dawned on me that this was a great moment with my daughters and also a chance to teach them (and myself) something.  I gave in and embraced the shopping frenzy and we just had fun.  No criticizing eyes with them, everything was beautiful to them, which in turn made me start to look at myself in a less harsh light.  I have my flaws and trouble spots, don't we all.  It's embracing ourselves as the ever changing work of art that we are that makes life better...and I am happy to say I bought a dress for the wedding (pics to come) as well as the cute little number I am wearing as a type this blog! 
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