Monday, July 15, 2013

Do YOU believe in miracles?!?!

This movie ALWAYS makes me cry.  Not in a sad weepy way, but in that "Oh my sweet word the inspiration and awesomeness of it all" way.  I get to the end and as the boys tie up the big game I can feel my nerves get tense (even though I know the outcome) and just wait to see the big finish and then I realize there are tears streaming down my face.  I love this story of the underdog, the groups that finally pulls it together and unifies as one to accomplish their goal.  In today's trying times, I wish there were more inspirational stories to rally America.  But regardless of the country as a whole, I took this as another nudge from the universe.

This weekend had  a lot of "a ha" moments in it for me.  Friday I took my girls to get their pictures taken and was able to slide in on a few and for the first time in a long time, when I saw a few of the proofs I was happy.  I even looked at one and thought "Not too shabby."  Then on Saturday I took Baby bear to a birthday party.  Later I saw a pic where I was in the background and had to double take because as I was looking at the kids on the bench, I noticed myself in the background and actually thought "those legs are starting to reshape nicely" (thanks again Pop Pilates)!!  At the beach yesterday (a place I am starting to really love going with the fam but always dread the actually wearing of the bathing suit) I caught myself checking out the other beach goers and realized I am actually6 looking pretty OK for 35.  Add all these little things up and then ice them with Miracle being on TV and it felt like another  sign from the Universe.  Any of you who have been following me for a while know that I have had these epiphanies and pushes before, and always try and take them to heart.  I can reach my goals!  I DO believe in  miracles, and lets be honest making workouts and healthy eating a priority REALLY isn't a miracle, it should be a give in, am I right or am I right?!?!

So now an action plan...time to get back in the saddle.  Where to start.  The pop pilates is good for workouts when crunched for time, I REALLY want to get back into my Ellen Barrett DVD's too, and I think it may be time to really try and hit the running trails.  There is a 5K I was invited to do in October...I should be able to get ready by then, right?

Any workouts you rec?

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