Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blog of the Week

Isn't it funny that the people you knew and were close to in your childhood tend to be the ones you come back to?  You may not reconnect on the same level, but you still reach out to them and have such high hopes for them and their families.  This weeks Blog of the Week is written by that kind of friend. 

When I was in 10th-11th grade I had a close knit group of friends that were a year ahead of me in school which meant I always had that fear in my hear of "What will I do when they graduate and leave me?"  One of those friends was Kate.  Kate was and is amazing!  A heart so open and sweet that you couldn't help but just love her.  It was the same with her family...I remember sleeping over on yoga mats in their living room and just smiling. 

Kate also opened my eyes to fitness and health on a different level.  I was active with dance, soccer and track...but outside of regular practice times and classes I didn't think much about my own good health.  For me that changed on March 25, 1993 when my Dad had a heart attack on the way to a dinner at our church.  He was (at the time) 46.  He had a triple bypass and is now doing well, but it made me stop and think. 

In the fall of that year I began to really know Kate.  She taught aerobics at the Y and encouraged me to take a class.  I LOVED her step aerobics class.  To this day I credit her for my mad step skills when I bust out the Wii fit and school my family in step. :)    We had so many great times together and when she graduated I was so sad.  As with people of that age...we drifted apart.

Fast forward almost 20 years later (holy cow really...are we THAT old) and welcome to Facebook.  Thanks to social media I have been able to catch up with Kate and see pics of her beautiful family.  And this year, born out of similar circumstances, Kate has started her own blog as well The Well Balanced Family, and has her own facebook page for her blog as well.  Kate is still an inspiration to me, and is on her won crazy journey to find a better, healthier life style for her and her family.  I encourage you wholeheartedly to check out her blog!!

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