Monday, June 24, 2013

Making Waves

Mini me and me at the beach

What an AMAZING weekend!  While we are all a bit sad this week while my oldest is off with her Aunt in South Carolina, it is giving the hubs and I a great opportunity to spend lots of 1 on 1 time with the wee one.  After we packed up Maddy and sent her on her way, Arden decided she wanted to go to the beach.  Once Momma's little bull headed baby gets an idea in her head its nearly impossible to sway her.  We had a laundry list of errands that needed to be taken care of but Dadoo announced, "ok lets get our swimsuits on and go."  It is moments like these that make me stop and really appreciate how lucky I am to be teamed up with him.  He reminds me that there is always time for Home Depot and mulch buying...he makes me a better parent.  So we slathered ourselves in sunscreen, got in our suits and hit the beach.

It was a PERFECT morning.  We got there before the crowds rolled in, before the oppressively hot temps took over (which they did later that afternoon) and just played and laughed and had a blast.  It was especially nice to mark another milestone off of her's first trip to the beach.  Living in NE Ohio, nice beaches are few and far between...but this weekend we seemed to find our own little slice of Heaven in the sand.

sandcastle by dadoo and daughter designs :)
On Sunday we took the dog to the park to swim in the river and walk the trails some.  Now back in the day these trails were well worn by my hubby and me.  We would take the dog over and run 2-3 miles, then "dunk the dog in the river" and head home.  I LOVED these runs!  Even in crazy hot weather, running along the bridle trails under the tress with my hubby was always one of my favorite times of day.  Soooooo as we were walking along yesterday on the trails I decided that I wanted a bit of a run, but how to make this fun?  I tried tag and it worked BEAUTIFULLY!  We got mini me engaged in about a mile or so of interval running trying to chase and tag me, me trying to chase and tag her, chasing Dadoo and the pup, being chased by Dadoo and pup.  It felt amazing to run, and even more so to run with my little miss and hear her giggling along the way.  Bu doing it as tag and in intervals no one was overworked, we let her set the pace...and afterwards she asked it we could do it again.  How amazing would it be to instill my love for running into my wee one?!?!  I am hoping this could be the start of a healthy and fun new activity for us to do as a family. :)
The benefits of getting us all up and moving is obvious, but we can also bond as a family through exercise....I LOVE IT!!

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