Friday, June 21, 2013

Calling all fashionistas!!!

With July quickly approaching it is putting me in panic mode.  I am not good at shopping for myself.  Since the girls came along I seem to have no problem spending a small fortune on them...but when it comes to myself...ahhh!! hubby and I have been invited to a wedding for two dear friends and it is an adult only reception (hooray for date night) and it is less then one week before our anniversary so I want to do something special.  We rarely have date nights so with this one being so close to our anniversary I really want to enjoy it and look nice for my special guy.
I have been scanning website after website and am not finding anything that is jumping out at me.  I want something not overly priced, that I can wear again, that makes me feel and look fabulous and is within the idea of a true fashionista.  
What are some of your fav online retailers that I should try?  Any fav styles you have been loving this summer so far?

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