Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

     One of the best parts of summer break is that my kids love being outside, well they did.  Mini me still loves it, but my 11 going on 17 year old is just as happy in her room with all her electronic devices.  I try and make sure we get some time outdoors each day when the weather permits, and the hubs is always taking them to museums and such during the day so we are keeping both their minds and bodies active.  Trouble with that is it keeps me away from the pc, which keeps me away from here and I must say, I have missed this little blog of mine.  I MUST try harder to make time for it and all of you.

     With my oldest being all full of pre-teen angst, I am finding it harder and harder to find activities that both kids will enjoy.  Nine times out of ten the big one wants to either not do anything or only do it if a friend comes along.  :(  Take today for instance, for Father's Day we got Dadoo a family membership to the historical society...museum, outdoor old timey town...her question, what time do I have to get up to do this?  Little one is excited to go anywhere (most of the time)...if we have just gotten all of the littlest pet shops set up its a harder sell.

So my question to you...what kind of fun activities do you plan for your family and the kiddos?

Here are a few pics from when mini me and I conquered the zoo a few weeks ago for Mommy-(youngest) Daughter day!

enjoying our picnic lunch

monkeying around

having a roarsome good time


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