Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

I think that if I had known how hard it would be to get a good garden going, I would have done a little more research before jumping in to get my hands dirty.  It has been AWESOME so far, but due to unseasonably cold weather for late May, it has been a tough road to hoe (get it...hoe hahaa gardening humor there).

Anyways, we literally went from having our AC on one day last week to flipping the furnace on the next.  It has made for a panicked little gardener on my end.  This week with the craziness has been a full force family effort on the garden.  My hubby made tent topper like frames for our raised bed and got plastic sheeting to cover from the frost warning...oh yes, the frost warning issued the day after we hit 91*.  My big girl and my hubby made sure to get the plastic off a day later when the sun finally reemerged and the temp started its SLOW ascend again. 

my sweet garden boxes with there weather protection

Once the weather started to break (again), we were able to uncover and see how we were doing.  My mini me is having some luck with her potted strawberries, there aren't an abundance of berries yet, but she gets a couple every few days so far.  We noticed yesterday too that there is some little critter that has sampled our berries. :)

one of the strawberry pots

up close of the "fruit of our labor" (in progress)

showing off her freshly picked berries!  Ready to eat!
This whole process has been so educational for all of us, and it actually has my girls EXCITED about trying more veggies.  They want to sample their hard work, which to me is a miracle!  Don't get me wrong, mini me has always been good about trying things....but to have the 11 year old willing to try squash and kale...I am just beside myself.  This could open so many doors to better eating for all of us!
our broccoli patch

the broccoli and mint

herbs and red and orange peppers, also 1 snacking pepper plant

zucchini, squash and peas

various lettuce plants, kale, collards, Brussel sprouts and spinach

green peppers and various tomatoes
Do you do any gardening?  What are your fav veggies or fruits to grow and what tips do you have?


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