Friday, May 3, 2013

Garden Fairies

I love when the weather finally breaks!  This week has been absolutely gorgeous!  Mid 70's, sunny, slight can't ask for much better then that, and in Northeast Ohio this kind of perfection doesn't last long, so we have been taking advantage of it.

I know I was all stoked last week about the free week at the fancy gym, but I have not gone once!  Instead I am rushing home to "work out" in our yard.  WE have been busy mowing, weeding, turning soil, cleaning out beds, and building raised boxes.  Not quite the cardio I had planned, but even better since I am home in the sunshine ands fresh air working with the fam!

Mini me has been a HUGE help in this endeavor.  She has been finding worms, raking, reporting our errors :).  Every open flower is exciting, every worm a new discovery...I love seeing it all through her eyes.

Now, my hubby and I have never been very green in the thumb department but wanted to try our hands at a few veggies.  This has now expanded to veggies, herbs and possibly even some fruit.  We are building 4 raised beds, plus we did some rearranging in the play area to allow for more bed space there, plus we have a bed on the side of the garage that needs some more cleaning up...this could be quite a crop we end up with.  We have some starter tomato plants from a friend, the neighbor has promised to bring starters of kale and bell peppers...I'm excited!  We have been very busy little Garden Fairies as my wee one has been saying!

Last summer we started going to the open market much more regularly...I am hoping that we can go less and enjoy the fruits of our labors more this year (pardon the pun).  I have been doing lots of research online about how to enrich the soil and stop bug-a-boos, I'm hoping it all works. I am taking it as a good sign that my viburnum, that we've had for a few years now and has never bloomed flowers, finally has nice little bundles of fragrant blossoms...fingers crossed.  Keep them crossed for EVERYTHING!
Do you do your own gardens?  What tips do you have for us beginners?!?!


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