Friday, April 19, 2013

Put my face on the milk carton!

Where have I been?  I know, I have been asking myself that same question.  Everyday I sit down to write and something comes up.  There is a soccer practice that I need to run to, or a meeting at work, or a "very important" Polly Pocket date with my wee one, and then the blog gets pushed to the side.  I am sorry!  That's not fair to you right?  Heck, its not fair to me.  This is something I do for me, and I haven't allowed enough time to do it.  Of course, I have been taking time to get my workout I haven't been completely neglecting myself...just you guys.  Wow, writing it makes me realize I super suck!  SORRY!!

I have to admit, I am feeling good now that I am getting back into a regular workout schedule.  I have incorporated some weight routines into the mix and they are challenging in a great way, I just think that maybe I need to follow the advice on the instructions of only using 2-4 pound weights...problem is I only have 5 and 8 pound weights currently.  Not sure.

I am still trying to slice out enough time to start running again.  I am hoping that once summer gets here I can do more.  I have also been trying to find some 5Ks in my area that have fun runs for kids.  I think my little mini me would LOVE it!  My oldest has asked about running again she and I are already set to start hitting the trails again once its warm enough on a weekend.  80 yesterday, 72 today, 35 tomorrow.  YUCK!  Every weekend of course!!!!!
How are you springing into the new season with your workouts?

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