Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I am so excited!  Next week is one of my favorite weeks at work...and its only partially because of work.  Next week is Get Active America Week!  Some of you may remember how excited I was for this last year, get Active America week means FREE CLASSES AT THE FANCY GYM!!  Hooray for classes!  This is the 10th anniversary for IHRSA's Get Active America campaign, and it coincides with May's celebration of National Physical Activity month. 

I have been good about doing my home workouts, but it is always nice to do a class and feel the energy of the other participants and the instructor...its even NICER when your lace of employment embraces the idea of health and fitness and offers you access to those classes FREE!!!!!

Now the dilemma...what classes to take this year!  I now I have said it before that I should know better then to plan this out and get set on certain classes, but it gives me something to look forward to!  I mean, look at the options here.  I KNOW I want to do Zumba on Wednesday....Alice rocks!  What else though...I am able to take anything that falls between 6am-3pm most days. 
Take a look at the calendar...what do YOU recommend I take this year?!?!
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