Thursday, March 28, 2013

Which weight?!?!?

So I don't know why exactly this has started to bother so much recently, but I hate my scale!  Wait, that's not true.  I hate scales in general?  Well, maybe I just hate my floor.  I have noticed over the past SEVERAL months that no matter which scale I use (we have 2), my weight fluctuates partially depending on where on the floor I place my scale.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Some mornings (like yesterday) I am quite happy with what I read (down 1.5), some mornings like today I am NOT (up 1).  I know that I have been a ball of suck lately with neglecting my workouts, my eating has been okay though.  I declared it veggie week at work and have had great green lunches all wee (salad, beans, peas).  It's just hard and frustrating trying to get a grip on where I am when I can't even depend on my scale.  Maybe it is mocking me because it can't depend on me to be honest about my work outs.  It's a vicious cycle I say.

It doesn't help that I am fighting the scale when I know I am being lazy and am just not motivated at all right now.  My "ick" is back in my chest so I am coughing out more yuck...seeing the doc on Monday.  My hubby has been working out at lunch so I can't even live vicariously through him. :)

HELP!  What gets you motivated.  I am open to any and ALL suggestions!

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