Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Gifts that are good for your Heart

This is my valentine, my hubby.  He has my heart.  He is an amazing Dadoo.  He is an adoring husband.  He is my best friend as well as my partner in crime.  He completes me, and I expect him to stick it out with me until we are old and gray (much grayer then we are both becoming already).

I know that it seems a little early for a Valentine's Day post, but we have kind of gone off track with when to give things and instead have gifted early.  I have mentioned before how frustrated my poor hubby has been with his weight.  He works out like crazy, and doesn't see the numbers on the scale go down.  He has tried almost every extreme diet there is.  Atkins, vegetarian, juicer, all in the hopes of dropping pounds.  He has done P90X, Insanity, he no avail.  I see his shape shift, but he wants to see numbers dropping.  He has had success with Atkins (lost over 100 pounds and gained back less then half), he dropped 30 counting calories...but that gets hard sometimes when trying to keep up with the kids and there is no accountability other then to himself.

He has mentioned Weight Watchers a few times.  he has also mentioned that he doesn't think he'll live to see our girls grow up so I now this time it is different for him.  He REALLY wants to commit to change and get help.  So last night we went out to buy the Baby Bear a new car seat as she is growing growing growing and needed to move up to a bigger kid seat.  We took her to get her own soccer gear too as she has been asking to play like her Sissy and is going to start some open foot skills this weekend.  While we were out and about he asked me if I needed new workout pants.  I am someone who HATES to spend money on myself.  To prove my point, my "go to" workout pants are an old pair of maternity yoga pants with bleach stains down one leg, a hole in the knee and a waist that gets rolled until they stay on.  So, I looked around at what target had to offer when we were there...nothing.  Then while at Dick's I found some nice ones, but I wasn't about to pay the Dick's price for them...not after just buying a very nice car seat.  So my dear hubby, knowing how well I have been doing with my workout schedule, bought me a fancy new pair of workout pants as an early Valentine's Day present.  They are VERY nice...I wore them this morning for my hot date with the elliptical that I crushed almost 300 calories on!

So, how to say I Love You back for V day with the same focus.  Last year I got him a heart rate monitor that never really worked out for him.  Thinking back, we tend to give "fit" gifts at Valentine's day each year.  I got a fancy new workout watch too last year, and the year before that I think we did videos or something.  Anywho...I decided that to thank him and help him and show him I love him, I am going to jump start his WW life!  We had looked before and they have a 3 month special right now with no initiation fee if you want to do the online program.  So, I told him last night that I wanted to buy him 3 months of something new to try!  The real irony in this too is that during the day yesterday I was online at our local library and ordered a bunch of WW cookbooks.  Must be my awesome wife intuition. :)

So tonight we get him all signed up and see how things go.  He has a smart phone so he can get the app to keep handy at all times.  I'm excited for him.  I think he is too.  We have talked to so many people who have sung the praises of Weight Watchers, I hope it lives up to his expectations.  I hope it helps him lose the weight he wants to lose, and most importantly I hope it gives him back the confidence that he is stuck with me for at LEAST another 40 -50 years on this planet!

Any WW advice to help get started??

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