Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Knocking on Wood

Well, I'm almost afraid to say it but I think, THINK, we may be coming out of the woods on all our illnesses.  Stomach bugs have passed through both my hubby and myself (pardon the pun), the sore throat has left my oldest, the cough is gone from my hubby and almost completely gone from me...the only concern on our horizon right now is that my youngest was exposed to Scarlet fever at pre-school last week.  That little gem of a note was in our cubby Monday morning.  Great.  Scarlet Fever.  Like I said, I'm knocking on wood.

I am feeling SO much better, and have been surprised that after all the ick has left and my appetite has returned that the number on the scale has stayed down.  Maybe there was something bad in there that needed a good stomach virus to push it out to get me on a better target.  Or...(and I realize this is more likely), it could be that since I haven't been over to the gym in a while due to all the illness I am losing muscle mass which weighs more and therefore seeing a smaller number on the scale?!?!  No, I like the first option much better. :)  To be fair, I had been starting to do better about watching what I eat, and am still doing fairly well in that department.

I am just glad to be feeling healthy again and look forward to getting back on track.

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