Monday, February 18, 2013

Healthy again...finally

my awesome gift from my Valentine

The past two weeks in my house have been a test in perseverance.  we started with the hubs being sick (flu like sick for what felt like forever).  Then the baby bear and I had respiratory and congestion ick...then just when I thought we were bear pukes and the dog is sick all over the family room floor.

Needless to say, waking up this morning to no one coughing, sniffling, puking, aching, complaining or anything feels lie it is nothing short of a miracle.  Thank you Lord for finally getting us on the road to health again (fingers crossed).

Despite all the disgusting germs, we did manage to have a nice Valentine's Day.  See my gift hubby rocks!  I had sent him a pic of this (from pinterest of course) because I wanted to make it as a decoration for valentine's day and he didn't bring me home the wood so i thought it was something to wait for until next year.  Little did I know that he was going to surprise me and make it himself for me.  It is going to look AWESOME above our bed.  I am so excited to hang it up. 

It was a good year for homemade gifts.  I made him something (also pinterest inspired) that marked off all the important dates in our life together.  First kiss, engagement, wedding, our girls birthdays...he has it proudly on display right now in our dining  room...I think it will get moved upstairs though to our room.  Our first Valentine's Day together he made me a finger painted picture of two hearts interlocking (I know the sweetness factor is off the charts here) and I have kept it on my nightstand ever since.  I am thinking it may be time to hang that and add the new gift I made him to next to it on the wall.

With my being down in the dumps with the ick, I didn't get his WW sign up done.  I had gotten a bunch of books from the library already for us to look over and he has been checking them out.  Without me realizing it...he went ahead and started his own thing.  He has started cutting back his portions and making some better choices and is already down 7 pounds.  He's happy with the start, and I am SO happy for him.  He said this morning, 7 down...53 to go.  It's a big undertaking but he is inspired right now.  he is seeing results from changing his eating habits and hasn't even started adding workouts in yet.

Me on the other hand...yikes!  having a respiratory ick isn't good when working out.  My coughing fits weren't even helpful to my abs as they went deeper then that.  I have soreness still in that "poochie" area that seems to never be affected by sit ups.  With no workouts and having felt the need for comfort type foods I am back up a whopping 3 pounds.  Doesn't seem like a HUGE number, but at 5'2" every pound is noticeable.  I am finally feeling like I could make it through a workout though without going into respiratory distress so i have a renewed vigor towards working out.

So, healthy again brings my weight loss goal back up to: 16 pounds.  I would LOVE to lose 16 pounds.  The hubs would prefer me to only lose 8-10...but I would like to cut 16.  Time to get serious.  It's on like donkey kong.

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