Thursday, January 17, 2013

Step by Step

I'm not sure why all my workout machines pictures turn out so blurry, but I am happy enough that you can see the benefit.  This was in the cool down of my 10 minute walk on the treadmill this morning.  I have found that a nicely paced walk right before the  30 minute Muscle Conditioning Express class gets me loose, gets my heart rate up and gets me ready for a fast paced and intense workout.  Even though I have done this class once before, and knew it was going to kick my butt, I still had this mindset going in that because its only a 30 minute class it wouldn't be as beneficial as the others I have done.  Crazy right?!?!  Not sure how to get past that.  Especially since I work on the 3rd floor of my building.  I take the stairs everyday.  It's 63 steps up and 63 steps down.  I do that at least twice a day (when I get to work, leaving and coming back from the gym, and going home) so even if my workout itself is only a 30 minute one at the actual gym, I am still doing my part.  Top that with the quarter mile I put in to and from the garage...I'm actually moving more then I give myself credit for on a daily basis.  If only fitbit wanted to hook me up with a bunch of free gear to try out and sing the praises of (hint hint fitbit). :)  I have a pedometer but it kind of sucks.  It's be nice to see how may steps I average though each day.  Hmmmmm maybe I'll just bust out the old one to see.

I am looking forward to tomorrow.  It should be a GREAT workout day for me.  My boss gives us a half day off on the day before a holiday, so I WON'T have to get up at 5 to fit in a workout!  I can sleep in, see my girls as they wake up in the morning (maybe even take the little one to school), take my time and get in 60, heck maybe even 90 minutes at the gym, and then work a short day with a few programs going on.  That is the plan, although I use that word very loosely. :)

I was pretty happy yesterday overall as I feel like I planned well.  I knew we were going to have dinner with friends and that would mean indulgences that aren't everyday (lots of food, a beer).  I knew my caloric intake for the night would be high so on top of my kick butt Zumba class I cut back throughout he day on calories having:

Breakfast: weight control Quaker oats instant oatmeal, maple and brown sugar
Mid-morning snack: Yoplait light strawberry yogurt
Lunch: baked sweet potato, green bell pepper and a snack bag of peanuts

Talk about a fairly low cal day!  So I don't feel guilty today about indulging in a few empanadas, guac, con queso and chips and my 1 beer.  Even with the higher calorie foods, I still kept it to smaller portions.  Very proud of myself.

As an added bonus, my 3 year old asked if she could take swim lessons.  Just popped the question out of nowhere.  She knows swimming is good exercise...and its fun, wonder what brought this on?  Not sure but love that the kids are starting to see the importance of exercise.  Maybe the Just dance is inspiring her to be more active too.  In the past 2 weeks she has asked about playing soccer, swimming, and to play (multiple times) just dance.  All this in addition to our sweet little mom and me dance class.

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