Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sock it to 'em

So to start things off today I just have to talk about the awesome gift my parents gave me in my stocking this year, my new yoga socks.  I mentioned them yesterday, they were so fun and definitely kept me in place on my yoga mat.

I think I need more in some awesome colors, no?
I was able to do all my mat work without all the slipping and sliding around.  It was quite lovely.  Made me wish there was a yoga class to take yesterday as well.  Oh well, I have a P90X yoga workout at home...perhaps we will have a meeting this weekend, that Tony Horton and I with my new magic socks!

Anyways, I just needed to make sure I got that out there.  HOORAY FOR YOGA SOCKS!!

Today actually went as planned.  The way the past two days had gone with our workout "schedule" I wasn't sure what today would actually hold, so I am happy to report that I killed 100 calories on the treadmill before even stepping foot into my Muscle Conditioning Express class.  I was leery about a 30 minute conditioning class, but our instructor, the amazing Alice, kicked our butts.  It was just what I needed this morning too.  I was VERY glad that I got up early and had a couple eggs for breakfast...the protein was needed. 

The plan for Fridays was to do a regular muscle conditioning class, but since I have 3 programs running at work that all start at 100, I can't do an hour long class starting at noon, so instead I am going to do Cardio Muscle.  I have done the Cardio Muscle class before, and I LOVE it!  My boss, not so much a fan.  I have told her we can just hit the gym...we can skip the class, but she likes the classes so she is going to tough out the cardio with me. 

The guy that teaches this class is fast paced (which can be frustrating when you are trying to catch on) but he really pushes you.  That is EXACTLY why I like it.  The last time I took this class I almost shelled out the cash-ola to join just to be able to take it again.  Is it bad that I am happy looking forward that I have multiple programs again next Friday?!?!

I don't worry as much about my oldest daughter as she has gym class 5 days a week still this quarter, plays soccer 2 days a week and does horse back riding, but I do try and keep the little one moving as much as I can.  She does our Mom and Tot dance class each week, and they go to the gym at pre-school and run around some each day...but that isn't really enough, right?  So the hubs hooked up the Wii in the family room again and she played some Just Dance 4 the other day.  It was adorable, and she worked up a little sweat!  She also asked to do her Yoga Phonics DVD the other day, and did it all by herself.  She is quite the little yogi.  Just got to get me and the hubs really moving again. 

My overall be the fittest family in America of course, get our own reality show and live the high life.  Until then, I will settle for the first part!
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