Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Time to get Moving

Back in the good old days I was crazy!  Back before children, before the stress of home ownership and being a "grown up" I felt like a rock star.  At the ripe old age of 21 my metabolism went into overdrive.  I could eat and drink pretty much whatever I wanted and see no fluctuation on the scale.  Go ahead, I will plug my ears as you get out all those nasty comments. :)  I understand...I hate that girl too!  I had to easy, too easy.  It was a blessing at the time because I saw a significant increase in the pounds from my senior year of high school through college...but it was also a curse as there was no real reason for my metabolism to just jump start the way it did so I learned nothing from that first major weight loss achievement.

Fast forward to my 35th birthday this past September.  It must have happened while I was asleep because I have no recollection of the conversation happening.  I don't know, maybe there was a secret meeting planned while I was fretting away about soccer practices or dance classes and making sure every one's schedule lined up, but there was some sort of conversation between my metabolism and my body that I was not included on.  I imagine it going something like this:

Metabolism: "Hey body, what's up, how are ya?"
Body: "feeling good Tabby, how are you?"
Metabolism: "I'm tired.  This chic has been running me ragged for almost 15 years, I think I need a vacation."

Body: "You do work really hard, I can't even imagine.  She NEVER works me as hard as you."

Metabolism: "Yeah, that's why I'm thinking...she's 35 now.  It's time to let her work and EARN the body I have given her over the years.  I know that may seem mean, but I just can't do it alone anymore."

Body:  I understand, here's hoping she does."

How rude! I mean, to not even INCLUDE me in this monumental decision.  Unbelievable, I mean when "Tabby" decided to jump start we sat and talked for...wait, no we didn't.  There was just an amazing jump start and my metabolism went into overdrive.  Ok, but then there was the time when...oh, no.  That was more of my selfishness.  Dang, this sucks!

It sounds so clich├ęd, but truly I have really felt the slow down in my metabolism since turning 35.  My hubby and I talk about it a lot.  His body type, he feels like he has never really HAD a metabolism to begin with, so I am starting to understand more now his frustration of working out and working out and not seeing a difference on the scale.  I now there are things I  can do, but need to do more research.  I read a great article today on boosting your metabolism from, and there are some great pointers in there...but I need to know more.  I need books and articles to help my on this quest.  My hubby needs answers.  I need to reconvene this meeting of the metabo-minds and get an agreement we can all live with.

What are some ways to really fire up your metabolism?  Suggestions?

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