Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary my dear readers!  Today we celebrate a year together on this strange and sometimes crazy journey!  I share today with you as it is because of you that I continue to come back and challenge myself.  It is because of you that I refuse to give up.  It is because of you (and the fam) that I am grateful for all that I have accomplished over the past year.

I have been thinking about what to write in today's blog for sometime.  What are the things that are most important?  What goals did I hit in the past year?  What goals did I miss?  Then I re-read that very first blog post, Bring it on 2012!, and it occurred to me, that was never the REAL point to this blog.  I said it myself, " I will measure them in terms of good and better...failure is not an option.  I am a work in progress."  In my heart, I truly believe that 2012 was not just good, it was GREAT! 

In my first year of blogging I have been lucky enough to have some of you not just read a post or two, but to look forward enough to my crazy ramblings that you even follow this blog.  AWESOME! I have found some other great blogs to follow myself and draw inspiration from, and had the opportunity to guest blog for a dear old friend on No Thanks to Cake.    I have kept with my healthy choices (for the most part).  There are ups and downs in every situation, but the ups are certainly more prevalent then the downs for me...even overcoming the slump from surgery that could have been my undoing.  A few years ago, it would have been.  Three weeks off my feet would have been the end of an motivation I had built up.  But I can honestly say that I made promises to you and to myself, and I had no intention of letting either of us down.

This blog is something that was just for me, then as I became more confident it started to become more.  I started to want people to read it.  I sent my link to people to make sure they did read it.  I hoped they would.  I started to hope they would share it.  I open my blog and get such a kick out of seeing the "followers" number slowly climb. 

With this in mind, my goal for 2013 is to continue building on what I have started.  To continue to focus on my health and the health of my family; to continue to make fitness a priority for all of us, and to continue to build confidence in this blog.  I have some ideas cooking up...and hope that you do too. 

What are some things you'd like to see from Waits and Measure(ment)s this year?  what are some challenges you'd like to make to me?  Let's not WAIT to see how far we can go! 

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