Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Best laid plans

As I said in my post on Monday, my boss and I came up with a plan of attack for workouts over the course of the next  month.  We selected classes and were ready to go.  Then yesterday happened, my boss came into work late and injured from working out the night before.  WTH?!?!?!  She went 2 weeks without working out and thought she should jumpstart the night before our first class?!?!  Oh well, I was not going to let that stop me.  I was actually a little relieved because spinning was not REALLY my top choice for a class.  Not when there was a Yoga Flow offered at the same time.  So, okay slight biggie.  I mean, I got up at 515 and got to work an hour early, so I was still going to go.  No yoga mat, no yoga socks, no "quiet" yoga pants (I brought warm up pants instead), but devil be damned I was going to work out.

CRISIS!!  Of course, things STILL cannot go as planned.  We had several small crises arise during the course of the two programs we had running that morning...ok, deep breath.  Programs end at 1150, Yoga not until 12.  Breathe.  Breathe.  1215 still at my desk sorting through the mess.  Yuck!  Last class available before I leave for the day. 

Here is where it gets good.  I got everything squared away by 1230ish, grabbed my bag and went to the gym.  I don't' need a class to get in a work out right?  I am woman hear me roar HA!  I walked over to the gym, changed into my fab warm up pants and tennis shoes and hit the elliptical machine for a good 30 minute workout.  I would have gone longer but then thought to myself...maybe all of these "distractions" happened for a reason.  It's been a while since I really worked out and maybe the universe is reminding me to ease back in. 

not too shabby for the first day really back into it!

Thirty minutes later I had a nice sweat going on and felt some burn in the old leg muscles.  Mission Accomplished.  With all the other craziness, why should plans workout today instead of Zumba, I am going to do a Pilates mat class.  I heart Pilates, always have, and wanted to do this class in the first place...but my boss really likes the Zumba class so I conceded to her since she is the reason I am able to go to the fancy gym at all.  She had a meeting get scheduled though in the same time slot as Zumba, so I come.  That's right, here I come...because now she has bailed on me for Pilates too. :(

I am pretty excited about Pilates today.  I brought my mat, and my cool new yoga socks my Momma gave me as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Should be a good time. 
What is your favorite activity/class at the gym?

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