Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ABsolutely must try

First off I want to say hello to the new followers to my little blog!  I thank you for taking this journey with me and hope I don't disappoint.  I've said it before...I get SO excited when I open up my dashboard and see that number go up!  What a thrill to know that you are there and listening!!!  I'm honored!

So...sitting at my desk this morning enjoying a cup of coffee, relishing the crazy pain in my legs from my kick butt workout yesterday, and I decided to cruise my favorite little online time killer, Pinterest.  So glad I did as I stumbled upon a pin that lead me back to the blog Live Laugh Run Breathe.  What a perfect time to find this pin too, as January is coming to a close, I found a pin from last February (2012) that is so good I want to try it and share it with you.   The post is called FABuary, and it is a workout challenge.  Challenge you say, I am intrigued.

Despite my best efforts, I have never felt as though any of my ab workouts have worked well.  I question my form, my breathing, but maybe, just MAYBE its because they are so difficult and sporadic in my overall workout focus that I just haven't done enough to be happy.  Seems like a crazy thought I know, but its so crazy it just might be right. :)

So I am going to attempt the Fab Ab February Challenge...who's with me?!?!  I have a few more days to mentally prepare myself and then we will be off and running (or crunching as the case may be).  I'm actually kind of excited about this.  I'm hoping that by strengthening my core through the challenge that I will be able to be better at my Pilates as well.  This could lead to great things.

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