Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ho Ho Hopeful

This is the reason I have hope!  In the wake of so much tragedy, this little bear lifts me up!  We had the pre-school holiday party last night, and despite telling us (many time) that she was not interested in talking to bear made her way up to the line and snuggled right up on his lap.  She told him what she wanted for Christmas (lots of pretty jewels...can we say princess??), and he asked her if she'd been a good girl.  This got me thinking today at my office Christmas party.

Have I been a good girl this year?  Overall, I'd have to say yes.  I started the year strong...lots of goals and a great workout routine.  I got side tracked by my surgery some, but got myself back on the saddle.  I have even been good (so far) with holiday treats.  Trying my best to not overindulge.  I've even opted to eat nuts from the snack bag that was left by a colleague that had mints and chocolates.  Protein people!  I opted for protein over sugar!  Proud moment.

So far, this holiday is starting of strong.  I mean seriously, look at my bay bear with Santa.  No tears.  My heart is happy and full today.

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