Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Family Affair

     I am loving the way we have really prioritized family time this year for the holidays.  We have made time the past three weekends in a row to make sure we have family time.  We have had a trip to the RainForest/Zoo, a trip to the History Museum, and yesterday we spent the day at the Botanical Gardens.  My heart is full and I feel rejuvenated with Holiday Spirit.  My hubby has even dropped his Scroogey Hanukkah attitude and we did gifts for the girls last night as part of the Festival of Lights.  We are a "blended" family when it comes to religion,so the girls get to celebrate twice as much this time of year.  The hubs was down on Hanukkah last week because we never make it as big as Christmas and financially we aren't as ahead as we usually are this time of year.  but, after a wonderful day together...he got them each something special art the Disney store and we did it in the spirit of Hanukkah.  It makes me happy!
     This has been the best holiday I can remember ever.  we have really worked to be together and do things as a family.  It's hard with my big girl wanting to be a "big girl" and lock herself in her room with her iPod and computer...but we are dealing with her tween-iness.  Once we get going, she relaxes and has fun.  She even rode the little train with her sister yesterday at the gardens. 
     I hope you're holidays are as full as mine are so far!  What a joyful time of year!
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