Thursday, November 15, 2012

Well, well, wellness

Before I came to work where I am now...I was at another educational institution.  What I like about both is that they both place a value on employee health.  They both offer may free wellness events and classes. 

The bonus to where I work now is they have a full wellness/health fair.  We can get, as employees, all sorts of info on our various insurance options, "fancy" gym rates, life insurance, free flue shots and hearing tests, etc.  My boss and I love to take advantage of all of the free stuff.  We got bags, pens, granola bars, our flu shots and hearing tests but most exciting of all they do a health screening where they test your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI.  I am pleased to report that I came in at the healthy range in all of these areas.  I was a little bit higher than I have been in the past in the BMI department so I need to work on that, but am glad to have for the most part a clean bill of health.

The only downside to this is they don't give you the full breakdown on things.  Like, my cholesterol is within a normal range overall...but I don't know how the good compares to the bad.  Another reason to force myself to find a PCP...I know.  I am so good with the girls and their doctor stuff, and am good with my specialists types (dentist, optho, OB/GYN) but the hubs and I both need to get our acts together and get PCP's.  Especially since I feel as though my metabolism (which has been quite good since my early twenties) is slowing down.  It's like my birthday called and said "Hey metabolism, you've been working so hard for the past decade...time to make her sweat a little more, go ahead and slow down now that she is 35."  Just for the record...that stinks!

So over the next few weeks I will be: setting up a physical, and setting up a workout schedule with the hubs.  he gives his finals on 12/12/12 <insert doomsday music here> and then he has some freedom so we can get back on track with a schedule that allows for workouts with childcare.  hee hee  Getting excited!

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