Friday, October 5, 2012

Feel Good Friday: Family Edition

Today is a very good Feel Good Friday.  On top of all the wonderful feelings from yesterdays post I am feeling so good about the love I see in my daughters eyes when she is all snuggled up with her Mimi, Papa and Uncle Jon.  She has been having a BLAST with our sleepover.  She didn't do too great at the whole walking down the aisle at rehearsal thing, but to be fair it was after a full day at pre-school and then an hour and a half drive. Fingers crossed we do better at the actual wedding today.  My cousin, the bride, has been so good though and said if she doesn't want to walk or freaks worries.

I will try and post more later, but we are making breakfast with Mimi right now and I am being called into action by the little one.  Hope you are feeling good on this fine autumn Friday!

What are you Feeling Good about this Friday?
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