Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I thought I would try an experiment of sorts today.  I have noticed lately that when I am in the middle of a work out, or halfway done with a preparing a meal that I plan what I want to write about it in my blog.  Some days the time just gets away from me after a workout and I don't get it down...then the endorphins go away and I'm back to where I started, or I get halfway there and think "well, who wants to see pics of the half way point of this meal prep?"  So today I thought why not go ahead and START my post for today now, and finish it after my workout?  I am trying a new class today, its called Synergy.  The description of this class on the gym's website is the following:

Synergy: A non-impact, choreographed workout incorporating the best of Pilates, Tai Chi, dance, and yoga. The body awareness exercises in class focus on the development and enhancement of muscular strength, core stability, balance, and flexibility.
I am VERY excited to try this class.  I love Pilates, dance and yoga and my brief jaunt into the world of Tai Chi left me wishing I was able to do more but without actual instruction is was difficult (I did a tape).  So I am eager to see what I take away from this class.

I have done three muscle conditioning classes in the past week and a half, with two different instructors and feel like I have some great workout techniques I can do at home with my own weights now.  It's just a matter of doing them at home.  My hubby is actually pretty good on technique too when it comes to weight work so I now I could always ask him for help...he has been down on the workout circuit for over two weeks now due to his stitches in his arm.  YUCK! 

I am hoping that through all these new classes I get some new things to try at home.  Oh, how am I still doing classes you ask?  GOOD QUESTION!!  I had the free open house week at the "fancy" gym, that was followed by two free classes offered as part of our Wellness Initiative at work, and now my boss joined the "fancy" gym and got two three-day free passes for a friend and has graciously given one of the three day passes to me!!  If our other friend from work doesn't want to try some of these classes, then winner winner chicken dinner I get the OTHER three day pass as well. 

So..with that, it is time to refill my water bottle and head out.  More to come...

Ok, so I am back from my Synergy class.  It was good.  Not great, but ok.  There was a substitute teacher which may have been part of the problem.  We didn't really do any dance or Tai Chi...but my core can feel the workout I put in.  She really worked our arms, legs and core muscles...which I appreciate...I just think that the description needs to be a little more accurate.  At least I got out and got in another workout this week already.  Two for two!  I have a feeling I will be paying for all the ab work tomorrow too.  I am one step closer to braving the skinny jean. :)
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