Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wacky Wedneday

     Today has just been crazy....well, the whole week has been actually.  Monday was the whole jury duty debacle.  Again, don't get me wrong, I would be more than happy to help weigh in on the scales of justice (as long as they didnt' require me to actually get on one), but the case I could have been on, is slotted to last 5 weeks.  REALLY?!?!  I mean, due process should be allocated for more than just the accused.  Oh well, not my concern anymore.
     Yesterday for my b-day the girls at work wanted to go out to lunch to celebrate.  We had decided a while ago to go to a cute little Italian place not too far from the office so we could walk there and back and help burn off all the yummy treats we would consume at lunch.  Walked over there only to find that it was closed due to a gas leak.  Oh well, that means we got an even longer walk in as we had to hoof it somewhere I got to have birthday Panera-did I mention that I went to Panera on Sunday?  Oh well (seems like a new mantra).
     My oldest had a riding lesson last night so the little one and I were on our own for most of the evening.  I had planned on trying out a new recipe for my birthday and was actually kind of excited about it only to have the whole fam say "You can't make your OWN birthday dinner," so instead I got to wait and have a late dinner with the fam and open my gift.  (Which by the way is a sweet new Vera Bradley case for my's beautiful so total score on that).
     Today has just been the icing on the proverbial (birthday) cake though.  When the weather is nice my cat likes to live the life of an indoor/outdoor cat.  He generally always comes in at night (at my insistence) because he is little and  don't want him to get hurt or skunked or anything.  Since I fall asleep early usually with the 3 year old, my hubs gets the cat indoors.  So at 530 this morning when the thunder started booming and the rain began to pour down, my hubby says the cat never came back in last night, so...I get up and scurry about in my jammies with an umbrella herding the cat back into the house in the rain.  Then I go back to bed for 20 minutes, wake up and realize I never laid my clothes out the night before.  This means stumbling around in the dark to try and find things so as to not wake my hubby back up or the three year old who has by now migrated to my bed.  I go to her room and find the nail clippers with the mini flashlight on them to help navigate my way through my drawers and closet so I can get dressed after my shower.
     Traffic was CRAZY, which is generally not the case when you are on the road at 645, and then once I got to work people here were nutty.  No one wanted to be at work, and then problem after problem just kept popping up.  I am hoping that the rain will cause soccer to b cancelled so that maybe just MAYBE I can have a calm night at home with the fam with no activities and no stress.  Maybe even get in a home workout. :)
     I would be lying if I said I wasn't afraid of what tomorrow holds.  But, once again, all I can say is Oh well.

How has your week been so far?  My main source of fitness this week seems to be my exercise in futility! :)

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