Sunday, September 9, 2012

Poor Little Pumpkin

My sweet little pumpkin has spent the past day and a half feeling less then stellar.  I hate when the kiddos are sick, it just breaks your heart.  She keeps telling me that she isn't's just a cough.  Well, when her temp spiked up to 102.5 last night I had to disagree.  She is sleeping right now, normally on a quiet weekend when she is napping I would be working out, but I am just sitting here watching her sleep and writing to all of you.  She looks so little and peaceful when she is sleeping, well until she coughs then her eyes flash open and tears sting's one of those coughs that you can tell hurts, thankfully (knock on wood) is has been very sporadic and spread out...not consistent.

Yesterday her little body wanted to try and fight it out too.  She kept asking for more orange slices, more orange slices...obviously needing a powerful dose of vitamin C, it made me think of how our bodies try and tell us things.  They try and warn us and thank us, but how often do we listen.  Cravings happen for a that big, juicy burger always the best choice?  no, but listen must be in need of some serious protein.  Grab some peanut butter or a bag of raw almonds and see how quickly you feel better.  Feel that tickle in your throat and have that craving for oranges (like me little one)?  LISTEN!  Your body can feel the earliest onset of illness and is trying to help you.  May kill someone if you don't get a Hershey bar?  Okay, not the BEST example, but still...chocolate is an antioxidant and should be enjoyed, in moderation...right?  Right.  There is no arguing over that one.

even a picture looks heavenly, doesn't it...heehee

When I was pregnant I craved steak and eggs and peanut butter ALL THE TIME it seemed, and I have one seriously strong kiddo.  I mean, not to brag too much, but she is physically strong.  I thank all that extra protein.  No wonder it felt like she was boxing in there some days, she probably was. :)

Have you ever felt a serious craving, and in hindsight realized it was something your body was trying to tell you??

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