Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jump Start

I got an email this week that made me VERY happy.  Once again, thank you Universe for interceding.  Both my husband and I work in the wonderful world of academia.  This has many perks; college tuition for the kids...CHECK, flexible work hours...CHECK, fancy college gym facilities at our disposal...CHECK.  At first, I was intimated at the idea of going to the gym where I work...imaging throngs of hard bodied, young college kids everywhere reminding me that age keeps marching over me, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

The university I work at has a free college rec center (my normal workout location of choice) but also has a fancy gym you can buy a membership to.  The fancy-pants members only gym offers a wide range of classes, has a smoothie bar, and has excellent equipment (proof that they USE those memberships fees wisely).  It's super nice, but spending that kind of money each month when I have access to two free gyms is silly to me.  A few times a year though, it's like Christmas for the workout community.  A few times a year, the fancy gym offers a week long open house with access to all of the classes, facilities for the entire week for FREE!!  I have mentioned the fab freebie before, and was SO excited to see that email! 

I tend to take the free classes when they are offered, then I can try things I may not normally try...and also squeeze in a few tried and true classics.  So, without further is my class lien up for next week:

Monday: Zumba! (bright and early at 7am)
Tuesday: Yoga (a personal fav)
Wednesday: Qigong/Tai Chi (what?!?!  Not sure, but it sounds interesting)
Thursday: Barre Fitness (showing off my Mom and Me dance skills :)
Friday: Cardio Muscle   (ending the week with a bang)

I am psyched!  Has anyone tried some of these?  I am very intrigued by the Qigong.  Never even heard of it...I have done Tai Chi before, so I am hoping for the best.

What are some of your favorite workout classes?


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