Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It' a Shoe In???

Oh dear readers, I need your help!  My week of exercise immersion has been amazing so far...but I found one one thing that can be improved shoes.  I guess because I was down so long with my foot injury, and workout barefoot (I know...bad me) at home I haven't given much thought to the mileage on my sneaks.  That was more than apparent after my Zumba class Monday.  Class itself was fine, but as the day progressed in my trusty old running shoes my dogs went from uncomfortable to downright rabid.

I know that there is a mile limit, I have informed others of those limits...but alas.  So what I need from you, my fabulously stylish and well educated readers, is recommendations on shoes.  I used to swear by the asics gel
Then when those gave out I went straight back and they were different somehow.  Not as comfy, so I tried some Nike shoes. They have been good...comfy, stable, supportive, but their time has come.
My hubby swears by his New Balance shoes.  He has bunions and finding him shoes that were comfy and good for working out has been quite a task. 
So now I turn to you...what do you think?  What do you like?  HELP!!


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