Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I APPsolutely love these

I have read a LOT on other blogs about favorite apps, and I of course have some favs of my own that I thought I'd mention.  I have a file on my iPhone entitled Lifestyle.  I like that they all fall into what I consider my lifestyle choices.  Things like Pandora and Overdrive Media Console. 
Pandora is a great app when I want to hear music that I like, but be surprised at the same time.  Not the same old stuff on my various play lists, but something new and exciting.  Sometimes it's just the thing I need to spice up a workout.

Overdrive Media Console is an app I don't think I could live without.  It's a definite must have on my iPhone.  It's where I can download audio books from the library.  I have books I like for my drive back and forth to work (an hour round trip), or just for running errands, plus I can listen when I do chores and can add books for the kiddos for road trips with them.

I know I have talked before about my near-addiction based love for myfitnesspal, which I must admit I have veered from somewhat, but am bound and determined to get back to.

I mean seriously, can you say accountability?!?!!  Myfitnesspal is GREAT for making you feel fab about staying within your goal for the day...or that terrible reminder that you were a bit too lazy, or shouldn't have had that second serving of fro-yo.  Just because it's yogurt doesn't mean you need to overindulge. :)

But today...I have a new favorite.  With my recent post about wanting to be smarter about meal planning, I actually randomly found the app Food on the Table.  For someone like me, an app that does almost all the work for you is an AMAZING resource.

I can set up my own profile for the types of foods my family likes to eat, go through recipes, choose them and save the ingredients to a shopping list then pull the sales from my local grocery store.  I do have two stores I shop at the most and only 1 is actually available for the sales, but I can still plan out meals and make shopping list.  This has been great so far!  I am even starting to think more like a foody and see where there is crossover between recipes so I can plan out some meals (with a bit of variation) that encompass the same ingredients...I call it leftovers with flair!  It's scary how the universe and I seem to be quite simpatico lately.  Should I be worried, or is this what its like when you actually start to do things that are the best for you and your family?  When you don't fight what is natural and right?  It's a puzzler.

What are some of your favorite apps?


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