Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Big Girl!

     I can't believe today my big girl is 11!  Where has the time gone? She is growing into such a radiant and strong young woman.  I am proud to say that (outside of her picky palette) she is a picture of health and strength.  She is old enough now to see the up and down battle that her Dad and I have gone through.  She has seen us at our most fierce, and at out worst.  She has heard us complain about what we put into our mouths and bodies, she has seen us try and find the right workouts for each of us as individuals as well as workouts we could do as a couple or a family.  She has embraced some of our athletic tendencies (soccer) and has found some of her own (horseback riding) and has excelled at each. 
on the soccer field


     With her birthday of course came the birthday party.  We have made some amazing friends from her playing soccer.  Families that I know will be a part of our lives for years to come.  It's been so nice.  They have daughters Maddy's age as well as younger ones for Arden to play with.  We are all going through the same transitions age wise together, so for her birthday we had a big party with all the families and had the girls sleepover.  With birthday parties, comes food.  Cake, wings, dips, ice creams, chips, cake, cookies, doughnuts...you name it, and we seemed to have it at her party this weekend.  We also have a tendency to tip back one or two with our friends, which I know is a big factor in my overall weight struggle.  I am happy to report that I still got in a few intense workouts, and monitored my intake of junk food quite successfully.  I even managed to steer clear of all but 1 small glass of wine.   Success! 
     She had a great party.  I even got a spontaneous hug with a"Thanks mom, this party rocks" in front of her friends no less. 
Happy Birthday sweetie!  I love you!
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