Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On your mark...get set

It begins today.  I have been scanning recipes, many thanks to some of you, and have put together my grocery list.  I think I have found a few good ones that have cross over ingredients that will help stretch my budget some too (very exciting).  Tonight, after picking up the little one from pre-school...we are have to the races with Operation Chef.  I like to grocery shop with the wee one because its fun to her.  She helps pick out what fruits and veggies she wants, we get a special treat to enjoy through the store...
love the juice box style and the healthy benefits
She helps load the cart, entertains other customers, usually earns a free slice of deli ham and makes my heart happy.  It's a win-win to me.  I will keep you posted on the Daring to Dream tab of this fine little blog with what I come up with.  A few recipes I have grabbed are: baked chicken strips, beef, cheese and noodle bake, crispy fish, zucchini bites...and you will have to come back and see what else.  I already feel proud in the fact that I searched healthy low cal recipes...and I also have enough kitchen smarts to know some of the substitutions I can make to bring the health level up another notch.  Wish me luck...and keep the recipe suggestions coming folks...I am loving them!
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