Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mmmmm delish!

     Last night, my husband said something that I never thought I'd hear.  We sat down to eat dinner (another one of my fab finds from online) and I asked him if he was missing cooking.  To my surprise, his response was "Not if you are going to keep cooking like this."  What?  Did I hear that correctly?  To top it off, my oldest then says, this is delish mom!  I...was...speechless!
     I don't have a single picture of my creation.  I mean I was proud of it, but it was easy with the help of my little assistant and the world wide web.  I need to be better about taking my phone into the kitchen so I can snap a few shots of what I'm doing. 
     I owe all last nights success to the omen Living Well Ministries page I came across with the help of Google.  That is where I found this delicious recipe.  I googled Italian sausage, pasta and vegetables and came across their recipe for Bow Tie Pasta With Italian Sausage and Vegetables.  It was awesome!  I had purchased sweet Italian turkey sausage earlier in the week to make french bread pizzas, but the bread went WAY too fast.  My girls wanted butter noodles, so I knew I was making viola, and new and exciting dinner! 
     My husband not only complimented my cooking, but had a second helping and ate the leftover veggies (his fav part) from the pan.  It was SUPER easy to make, and will go on my "to make again" list. 
     Which brings me to a new challenge...keep the recipes coming, but I wonder how many of you (or your friends) plan out your menus for the week?  I have been thinking that if I am really going to take over the bulk of the cooking that this may be the right way to do it.  Why?
  1. I will already have a plan in place for each day, so can shop accordingly (saving some time and $$).
  2. Will be able to thoroughly scan for and clip coupons that can be used (saving some $$).
  3. Will allow for better "leftover lunch" planning-the healthier the better.
  4. Will allow for my family to voice their opinions.  If they see something they aren't interested in or don't like, they can mention it before I make it.
  5. May open up new challenges for the family like a Kid's Choice night, where they pick what we eat; or a Little Chef night where they actually do the bulk of the cooking.  Then we can all enjoy.
  6. Gives me an excuse to make another board for my kitchen message center :)
So let me hear it you menu?
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