Friday, August 31, 2012

Feel Good Friday

      I am feeling good today!  The universe spoke, and I listened.  I feel AMAZING!  I left work with a need to workout yesterday.  I went and picked up my little one from pre-school and we hit the grocery store.  I wasn't in the mood to do a major shop, but wanted to do something nice for the hubs that I knew he'd enjoy, especially since he had been called in for a last minute we went and got all the fixins for homemade French bread pizza (check the Daring to dream tab for more).  Went home, played with the kiddo, cleaned up a bit, made dinner and then talked Daddo into taking over bath time for the night so I could go and get my sweat on!  I got out my DVD and it was like seeing an old friend.  I have written before about my love for the Crunch workouts and especially how much I like Ellen Barrett and they way she teaches the video I enjoy the most Fat Burning Pilates so it was a great way to unwind and get in a good workout at the end of the day.  I was sore (it has been a while, too ling in fact) since I had done this workout, so I knew this morning I would be paying the price.
     But when I woke up this morning, I felt GREAT!  No soreness, no pain....just invigorated!  So I decided it's time to get you feeling good too!  I have a few blogs that I make sure I read everyday.  Two in particular I have mentioned on this blog before (All the Weigh and No Thanks to Cake).  Something that they each do is have a weekly feature, and I look forward to reading and commenting on these when I can.  So I thought to myself this morning....why not start a weekly feature for your own blog.  Kenlie, at All the Weigh has one she does every Monday called Friend Making Monday.  The topic is different each week , and the encourages you to share your thoughts and blogs with others out there in the blog community.  I have read some really great things by great bloggers because of FMM.  Another update I enjoy is on No Thanks to Cake, Kelly does a posting called Workout Wednesday (WOW) where she goes over her workouts for a week giving ideas, input and sometimes just plain funny stories about her adventures in working out.  It keeps me motivated to keep moving.  On top of the great weekly topics, both of these women are just inspiring to read, and if you haven't done so already I suggest you check them out! 
     So this brings me to MY weekly topic...Feel Good Friday!  I am feeling so good after a week full of accomplishments (cooking, getting back on track with a good workout) that I want to take the last day of our busy, busy weeks and celebrate together everything we have accomplished.  I say we because quite honestly without YOU being there, reading this, I would not be as motivated as I am today!  So...I am "feeling good" about finding, shopping for and creating meals that my family devoured as well as getting my butt up and moving.  All it takes is that 1 workout to jump start those endorphins and remind you of why love it!  I am feeling good about being back on track and getting back to an overall healthy lifestyle.  I am feeling good because with the holiday I only have to work a half day today and am off on Monday so I have 4 concrete days where I know I can make time for my workouts, which should get me back into a nice rhythm.

What are you Feeling Good about this Friday?
In the spirit of FMM, take a sec and tell us your Feel Good Friday story on your blog and link it back up here in the comments section!  Invite your readers to share as well. 

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