Monday, July 9, 2012

Two peas in a pod

     My oldest daughter had a laundry list of food allergies as a kid.  As she got older, she would use the "allergy excuse" as a reason to not try something.  We would urge her to try a new food and her response would be "I think I'm allergic to that."  Now that she is older (almost 10) she just refuses to try things.  This would be okay in most houses I would guess, but in out house where my husband is the Kitchen King, it is no good.  He loves to cook.  He loves to try new things.  He has a very discerning palette.  Both my girls have inherited their dad's palette.  They can both pick up on small changes in flavor...different brand of butter, extra type of cheese in a melt.  With the older girl this is even more of an issue because she is only willing to eat certain things and notices if we change brands on something.  When I say certain things I mean it.  She loves pasta with butter, but hates red sauce.  Put that red sauce on a pizza though and we are golden.  Her diet choices consists mostly of: butter noodles, hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza, wings, watermelon.  She claims she likes green beans and peas, although I can't remember the last time I saw her eat them.  And God bless my husband, he continues to try with her.
     My youngest has her father's sense of adventure with food.  Now, when I met my husband I was what I refer back to as very "white bread" in my food choices.  I have become a pretty good risk taker though over the years.  He knows what I like and will make things that he feels confident I will try and enjoy.  There have been a few snafus in the past, but for the most part he has succeeded.  Our little one has his sense of adventure.  She is willing to try new foods all the time.  It is such a change from our first that I sometimes am taken aback.  It's so refreshing though to have her be so willing to try things. Our most recent "try" was snow peas.  I love to eat fresh snow peas right in the pod.  I love the crispness, I love the taste, I just love them.  I bought some fresh at the farmers market last week and my little one was tugging on my short asking to eat them too.  I showed her how you bite into them, and also showed her the cute little peas inside the pod.  After many attempts she decided that the peas inside the pod were what she wanted to eat, not the whole pod so we sat together and shelled peas for her to snack on. 
     My new goal is to find something new each week at the market for her to try.  She is so  open minded and willing to try new things (especially for a 2 year old), and maybe this will catch up with me to get me to try new things as well.  So excited to get chewing!
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