Friday, July 6, 2012

The Royal Flush

how cute is this...wish I could take credit...may have to do my own for scrapbooking purposes!
    I generally try and keep my blog about me and my journey to a healthier life.  It's my "me" time when I sit and type.  I can ponder things, express myself, celebrate my triumphs and try to figure out how to overcome my obstacles.  But today I had to share this great news with you all!  Today marks one week, yes one days that my princess has been consistently using the potty and wearing her big girl undies!   It has been a long road, but we have made it!
     Now, I know that non-parentals generally don't want to hear about every milestone that is accomplished for other peoples kiddos, and if you are that type...feel free to stop here.  I won't be offended.  I was a non-parental at one time too and was not all that impressed by the bodily functions of someone else's child...but for those of you who stick around...what an amazing feeling!  My little bug decided last Friday morning that she wanted to wear her big girl panties all day.  We were going on a play date and her friend is already potty trained (she is about five months older), and we had been slowly building to this.  I had been coming home from work at 3 and putting her in them until bed time and we were doing pretty well, but her asking for the whole day was monumental. 
     I was a bit wary, we had a a forty minute car ride (each way), but she was so excited and asked to wear them, I couldn't say no.  We packed up our gear and took off.  She was a champ!  There was one small accident outside when she was trying to get in the house to go and couldnt get the door open fast enough, but other than that no accidents!  I was SO proud!  And that was just the beginning.  She has been going on the potty ever since!  There have been a few hiccups (mostly due to timing and trying to get there on time), but for the most part she is doing it!  I have been putting her in her pull ups at night to be safe, but even at night...she is waking up dry in the morning.  Last night was the biggest milestone for me with the whole potty-training...she woke up at midnight because she had to go!  Her little body woke her up with the warning signs and we got up and sat on the potty and tinkled!
     To celebrate her achievment she got a new Snow White barbie and another pack of fun undies.  Now she has fairies to go along with her princesses!  My princess has mastered the royal flush!
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