Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Do

     Well readers, notice anything different about me?  I was feeling the need for more inspiration.  What better way to mix things up then with a brand new do?!?!   As someone who is still relatively new to the blogging world I am still getting my bearings on how to spruce up my page.  My little one is a fan of purple, and since she inspires me every day I thought in a tribute to her I would delve into the royal shade.  I think I like it so far.
     This has been a long week so far, but a very productive one.  On Monday, we decided to try and tackle a longer walk.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs, we have been averaging about 4 miles a day, but Monday we were feeling ambitious...we were feeling superior to walkers everywhere...we decided to go a bit further and test our endurance.  We walked an amazing 5.68 miles on Monday.  I tell you what, it was rough but SO worth it!  After work that same day, I took the kiddos to the pool and my little one has taken to climbing up on the side of the "big kid" pool and jumping into my open arms.  By late afternoon when we were swimming, there was just enough hint of a breeze that it was actually a bit chilly (hard to believe after weeks of 90+ degrees) so it was warmer to stay more submerged.  This sounds okay until you think about a 5.68 mile walk and the need to be crouched to stay warm in the water.  Two hours we jumped and climbed. 
     I still miss running.  I miss is so much some days.  I am jealous when my hubby comes home after a run, but I know that I will get back there.  I do enjoy the walking.  I am getting some nice color (no worries, it's "safe" tanning...gradual through my SPF 50 over time), and I am seeing my legs get a little bit trimmer each and every day).  It actually helps me mentally in reminding me that it is a process.  There is no instant gratification in working out/eating right .  Well, I mean, there IS in the fact that you feel better (mostly in knowing you are doing yourself a favor) but the big results, the noticeable ones, take time.
     I am hoping that my new "look" keeps me motivated to keep working on myself. 
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