Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Walking the Day Away

everyday has become walk at work day for me

     I hate that its harder to get back on track since having my foot surgery than it was after having my mini me.  I have missed my runs SO much.  My boss and I have started walking everyday at work.  She felt bad that I was ready to run my 5K, so with the help of, we found a walking path around our campus that is the equivalent distance of a 5K.  In the past week, I have logged close to 15 miles, and the more we do, the better my foot feels.  Now that I can fit it back into a tennis shoe, it's been great.  I think the tennis shoe has actually helped in reducing the swelling, it seems to be better after wearing them...but, I'm not a doctor so who knows.
     I took my walking success from last week and decided to try and jump back into my cardio Pilate's workout.  That may have been a bit ambitious still.  First of all, I was so afraid of pushing too hard and hurting my foot that I modified my moves (not really on purpose, more unconsciously) and ended up fairly sore, but this could also be because secondly the leg with the "boo boo foot" hasn't had the same amount of use in the past month as the other leg; the poor "oh dear God she is hopping around on me again instead of using her crutches" leg.  I completed the standing portion of the workout and my "boo boo foot" leg had the quivering muscle thing.  The one that proves to you that it has been too long since you had worked it quiver.  I stretched to cool down some, did a leisurely walk around the block with the family and felt the pain of under usage the next day (and the day after that).  It made me sad too that I still can't bend my toe enough yet to do certain moves, such as plank pose, and releves.  I know it takes time, but geez louise, how much more?!??!
     Okay, rant over.  I am glad to be up and moving at least and working up a sweat with the walks.  I think that with my sneakers on, I may even be able to try to get a run in on the treadmill.  I will see what I can work into the schedule, since we are on this walking kick at work....a run needs to be done on my time at home and with our split work schedules this summer so the girls don't need daycare, it's harder to do sometimes.  I will try my best though...walking is nice, but I need to run!  My inner Forest Gump is crying each day I don't!
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