Friday, June 22, 2012

Ready for the Weekend

I am SO ready for the weekend to start!  I feel like this week has just been dragging on forever.  Maybe because it has been so hot the past 2 days that I didn't get my afternoon walks in, maybe it's because my fabulous hubby sends me pics during the day of all the fun he and the girls are having...maybe it's a combination of them both.  I am just ready to snuggle, sleep in and play with my kiddos all day!

The temps have finally broken here (they have been in the upper 90's the past week or so), and it's been just unbearable to think about being outside too much.  I am looking forward to some quality time in this better climate (upper 70's) at the pool with the fam, walking the neighbor, getting a run in.  Yep, that's right...this weekend I am attempting to run again.  My foot feels like it may be ready, and if any pain sets in-I will stop.  I swear!  I don't want to derail the healing process and have to wait even longer.

With the temps so nice and cool, I think I may even have the hubby take the bikes over to the park so we can have an adventure through the metro parks.  It's nice knowing that we won't melt when we go outside, makes me want to just plan activity after activity...and with my foot feeling so much better I am ready to jump back into fun & healthy activity.

My husband recently upgraded to a smart phone, so now that we both have them we have decided to be more diligent in our calorie tracking.  I must admit that even though I have sung the praises of, I have been neglectful since my surgery.  Now that I know he will be tracking as well,  it has given me a renewed sense of obligation to be more accountable to what I am eating and fueling my body with.  Added incentive...vacation is just a few short weeks away and I want to be back to (or at least closer to) top form by the time we go!

What are your weekend plans? 
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