Thursday, June 7, 2012

On the road again

     After writing yesterdays blog, I started to worry that maybe I was being to "poor me."  I went back today and re-read it and think maybe it was a bit "poor me" but not as bad as I thought.  With this in mind though last night, after another PT session with the doc, I was feeling pretty good.  The little one and I decided it was a good night to test the bike out again.  I wasn't sure if my foot would support the strain of that much pushing, but I am happy to announce that it did just fine.  In fact, I think it actually HELPED as I was able to move my toe around a lot more by bed time.
     We plan to go out again tonight.  This is very exciting because my youngest isn't always sold on the idea of sitting in the trailer and hitting the pavement...but with the promise that maybe big sis would want to come too, came a resounding "YES WE GO TOMORROW!"  Her excitement only makes mine even more.  It felt good to be outside in the sun with the wind in my hair doing something good for me.  My daughter is in the questioning phase right now..."why we do this, what is exercise, what means healthy..." these are such simple questions, but at the same time they are so complex.  hearing her ask me "why we need to exercise?" made me really stop and think about how I was going to answer.  I want to always be as honest as possible with my children and I want them to understand how important healthy lifestyle habits our bodies NEED certain foods and exercise.  This was not only a bike ride that was good for my body, but good for my soul and my family.  I look forward to more evenings like these where we discuss important things and get down to the very basics of why they are important. 
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