Thursday, June 28, 2012


     Well...I was so inspired to start this post and found a wonderful picture to use and sadly can't get the picture to post.  AHHHH!  Okay, stress released...on to the good stuff!  The past week I feel as though I keep getting signs from the universe that make me feel like good things are on the horizon.  Which in turn is inspiring me.  What signs you ask, well aren't you a curious one :)
  • My foot had a serious break-through this week.  I was working on it (just basic bending and stretching) and it cracked.  Not a bad crack, but one of those knuckle cracking type of cracks and all of a sudden I had so much more mobility.  I think the walking everyday is helping.
  • My little one has been doing a great job on the potty!  During the day she and my husband have their routine with the pull ups, because they are out and about all the time.  When Momma gets home though she knows it's big girl time.  We put on our big girl undies and go for it until bed time.  She has been doing GREAT!  I even took her for a quick trip to the grocery store in her big girl panties and she was a champ.  I'm hoping this weekend that we can do a long stretch on either Saturday or Sunday (or maybe even both) in our big girl undies and then (fingers crossed) we will be well on our way to being potty trained.
  • My oldest made the top team in a higher division for soccer (got the official word last night), and was also moved up on her premier team.
  • I have gotten my butt back into the kitchen and am having what I conswider to be great success!  Two nights ago I made low cal stuffed peppers.  I used ground turkey, cilantro, long grain brown rice, salsa, taco seasonings, onion and garlic.  Very yummy and good for us!  I also made ham and cheese crescent rolls for the little one.  Then last night my wee helper and I made two homemade pizzas.  One plain cheese on a traditional dough and one veggies and pepperoni on a wheat crust!  Sadly no pictures..but mostly because it was all so yummy we just ate it all up!
  • I have discovered a way to clear my clutter and make a few bucks at the same time without the headache of a garage sale.  I have finally delved into Craigs list.  I listed seven items, had hits on six already, and one has already sold.  It's nice because I can help stop the impending "Hoarders" casting call that I feel like my house could become with all of the toys and the gadgets and the craziness.  The item I sold was my big ticket item too, which makes it an extra bonus!! 
  • Finally, today is my Friday (a day early for those of you who read this post on a non-Thursday).  Granted I worked extra hours Monday-today, but now I get a whole day off for girl stuff since Dadoo has to work.  Tomorrow is BFF day.  A day that has been far too long in trying to set up.  My big girl is away for the week, so my little one and I are off to see our BFF's.  My bestie who I have been friends with since third grade and I both have girls within 5 months of each other (plus she has an older one who is not too much older and still enjoys the lil ones).
With all those good vibes being pushed at me, I have to admit...I feel renewed in my overall goals!  I feel like I need to push myself more with my workouts and my recovery.  I need to try more exotic recipes and foods.  I need my kiddos to see a vibrant and healthy mom who can not only keep up with them, but maybe even pass them on occassion!  Time to get busy!
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