Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Almost There

     I am very excited because I am leaving work in 20 minutes and tomorrow is my Friday!  I love shortened weeks!  I am taking Friday to have a girl day with my bestie and her two daughters.  sadly, my big girl is not free to go, but our 2 youngest girls are only 5 months apart and are besties as well!  We are going to have a fun day hanging at their house, letting the girls splash in the pool and run themselves silly.
     I do however have to figure out what exercise I will be doing on Friday.  We are still walking at work everyday (up to 4 miles a day) and my foot is LOVING it.  I have about 80% mobility back and the swelling is almost nonexistent.  On top of that my littleone has been pushing me at home.  We did nice, long amost 1 mile walk the other night, danced are butty butts off last night, and tonbight we hit the pool!  I can feel my motivation kicking back in.  I think its all the sunshine I have been getting.  Feels so good!
     How are you staying motivated?
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