Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Get Active!

     So, my foot is feeling a little better today, but now seems to be causing my hip some distress.  My guess is that in favoring that foot at times, I have messed up more than just my foot.  Good thing I was (finally) proactive and am doing something about it before it became something SERIOUS!
     As per the doctor's orders, I am trying to continue with my usual routine, but due to discomfort have adjusted somewhat.  This morning at the gym, instead of running, I hit the elliptical.  Not the exact same same workout, but very close...just less impact on foot/hip.  So, I was happy.  Last night I was very happy as I did Kids Yoga with Phonics with my two year old.  She loves to be active, and has had crying fits at bedtime when she knows that her Dadoo is going downstairs to exercise and she has to go to ed with Momma.  I mean, what parent wouldn't love that!  A child crying because she WANTS to do exercise.  I can only hope she always keeps that quality close!  So with that in mind, and having had some fun with her mimicking me in the past, I found this DVD on Amazon:

Kids Yoga with Phonics $9.95 on Amazon
          She loved it!  She and I worked through the entire DVD.  It's lead by two children that do each letter of the alphabet working it phonetically and giving you a pose to do with it.  Some of the pose names are a bit modified (S=snake which was really cobra); but it did the job nonetheless.  She actually enjoyed it so much that after we were done, while I went to get dinner ready, she asked to do the video again by herself.  I am so proud of my little yogi!
     With getting 2 newer (or better put renewed) workouts back in the routine this week between Yoga and the elliptical it has gotten me really excited to jump into next week.  Did you know that next week (May 7-13) is Get Active America Week!  I am lucky enough to work at a place that embraces concepts like this.  The local gym on campus (they fancy pay to be a member gym...not to be confused with the regular gym that is free to all students, staff and faculty) has been partnering with our HR/Wellness Department to offer a free workout class each month along with free cooking demos and health or wellness related lectures.  ALL FREE!  I have been able to take advantage of these classes a few times; that's how I experienced Zumba for the first (and second) time, as well as flow yoga. 

In the spirit of GAA Week, this gym is offering a full week of free classes!  So, foot pending, this is my plan for the week:

  • Monday: Muscle Conditioning
  • Tuesday: Cycle 45
  • Wednesday: Pilates Mat
  • Thursday: Synergy
  • Friday: regular workout in the AM as I have programs to run at work all day.

How awesome is this though!  A while week of new classes, new gym experiences for free!  I am so excited!  I will post each day about the class and what it was like...pros/cons, etc.  Look out America...I'm going to get ACTIVE!
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