Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dissed Dash

     It is with a sad heart that I report that I will not be running in this weekends Dash for Dignity 5K as planned. You may remember my happy post about finding this 5K like a sign from the Heavens that I was supposed to push myself to be ready, but after seeing the podiatrist today, it seems that I have to delay my dash. 
     About a year ago I was playing indoor soccer.  My hubby and I were on a team and loved playing but it got to be too hard with the little one so we are on sabbatical right now...anyways, I digress.  We were playing one of the last games of the session and I took a hit that left me thinking I had broken my big toe.  I couldn't walk on it, or even put any weight on it for a while.  I iced it and hobble for a few days then it started to feel better, so I forgot about it.  A few months later I was doing P90X with my husband and when we got to the plyometric workout I thought my foot was going to fall off the pain was so bad.  It was localized however to one part of my foot and felt slightly better once I took my trainers off.  This went on for a while, then I moved on from the P90X because my boss and I strated to workout in the mornings.
    Fast forward another few months, and we are A-OK.  Then one day, sporting my fav boots I got that same shooting pain through my foot again.  Took off the boots, felt much better.  Tried Insanity with the hubs, did some jumping...not  good.  Finally two weeks ago I subbed in on another soccer team for an indoor game and got a whack to the toe that rivaled the first one and I was hurting.  I iced the foot and called a doctor.  I've been OK while running, but any kind of jumping or walking in heels too long, even walking the hill at work in certain shoes has been aggravating it lately.  SO today I saw the doc.

     He took some x-rays and it seems that there is a very high chance that the initial injury caused a stress fracture in my metatarsal.  The x-rays show some abnormalities in the joint and that's what he feels it could be.  He taped me up to try and alleviate the pain and I have ton go back on later this week.  If the taping doesn't help, or perhaps even if it does, he talked about getting a bone scan done to see the actual damage to the bone that the x-ray angles don't show.  He said to keep working out as usual and to actually try and do all the things that have really aggravated my foot lately to see if it being taped in this position helps.  As of right now, the taping is making it feel worse.  Well, not worse, but the pain is more continuous.  My guess is because I have been overcompensating for the pain before and now that it is in the correct position it's painful...especially since the bones are not quite the way they should be.  With how my foot feels right now, I don't feel confident running this weekend.  But fear not readers...as this blog is about not WAITing and delaying my goals...I have already done some research and found another 5K in my neighborhood that is in a month.  That gives me time to get used to my corrected foot and still train to be really ready. Barring the doc saying NO or having to have surgery or something...I am sure that the June 5K will be great!
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