Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh dear, Easter Bunny

     I am pleased to report that I have been doing well on the "just say no to fast food" front.  I have not been so good on the "stay away from your kids Easter basket" though.  I am not generally a sweets person.  My dear hubby is the one with the sweet tooth, but for some reason when Easter rolls around...I'm a mess.  It's those darn Cadbury Eggs and their deliciousness! 
     Nope, I did not workout to offset my candy eating.  Nope, I didn not feel badly (well, not too badly at least).  I just enjoyed my way through way too many calories.  Oh well.  We all back slide from time to time.  Today, I am in back in action.  We are trying a new system of eating 5 smaller (300 calories or less) meals throughout the day.  So far, so good.  I actually feel as though I have more energy now then I usually do this time of day.  I'll keep you posted though as I have yet to workout today.
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