Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No fries for better thighs

     I worked at McDonald's when I was a kid.  I loved it.  I had the BEST boss, and was promoted rapidly and seriously loved every minute of it.  People don't realize that there are some wonderful opportunities for you as a part of the Mickey D's franchise.  I got to take LOTS of business management classes for free that I was then able to turn around an get free college credit for.  How cool is that?  And of course there was the food.
     You would think after working at a McDonald's that I would never even want to smell the food again.  I hear that from so many people that have worked in various fast foods restaurants that after having spent SO much time there, they can't even stand the smell of the food anymore.  Not me.  McDonald's will always be my go to fast food of choice. 
     Now, before I got preggers I had a whole speech about how healthy I was going to be when I was pregnant.  Organic food, healthy choices, the best of the best.  I was already eating better and exercising regularly, how could this plan backfire?  How?  CRAVINGS!!!  My sweet little lady (now two and a half) has her Momma's love of the McDonald french fry...which I should have known would be the case because I craved those delish fries throughout my pregnancy.  I also craved a great deal of red meat which I did limit and even swapped out chicken for (once I got past my OMG chicken makes me want to barf phase...another fun thing about pregnancy, not being able to stomach some of your favs).
     So my wee one loves the fries.  My big one loves the cheeseburgers.  I have zero will power when it comes to the golden arches, and my husband (who has been better than me about it) also tends to succumb.  With this being said, we have decided as a family to nix our trips to fast food establishments altogether.  No McDonald's, no Burger King, no Sonic, nothing!  I know deep down somewhere that the reason I can work my butt off in a workout and still not get all the results I want is because I can't just say no to the fast food.  After many happy years together though, it's time to take a break.  To put a little distance between us.  I think deep down I knew this would have to happen for the overall health and well being of not only me, but my whole family.  I know there will be times when we slip up, but we are going to try our best to avoid ALL FAST FOOD!  There is still time for the two year old to forget.  I mean, I know I must be doing something right because she will routinely ask for fruit first...but if we are in the car, she asks for french fries.  Eating and traveling between activities has been linked by fat.  Tine to start taking a cooler pack of carrots and apples in the car.  Wish us luck!.

I've been "lovin it" for too long.  Good bye old friend.
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