Friday, April 13, 2012

Lo Hicimos

Dora the Explorer
     At my house right now, Dora is a huge hit.  My sweet little 2 year old has taking over right where her big sister left off about 6 -7 years ago.  For anyone who does not know, this is Dora the Explorer (above).  She and her friend Boots the monkey go through various "challenges" to reach their goals in each episode.  I love that my little one is learning Spanish and how to set and accomplish goals, but I also like the new perspective it has given me.  When Dora and Boots reach their goal they sing and dance saying Lo Hicimos, which is Spanish for "We did it."  Today at the gym, I was not on a 20 minute time constraint so I decided to run.  I decided to run until I hit the 5K goal.  I have yet to actually register for the race I have told you about in May yet (Dash for Dignity) because I wanted needed to get through the full length at least once and prove to myself what my husband has been telling me was true.  He has been telling me for weeks, ever since I first found out about this race that he knew I could do it.  Today, I did it.  Lo Hicimos!  I feel like I can use the "we" because the whole time I was running I could hear his voice in my head telling me "you can do it" and I could imagine his face and my two daughters faces as I cross that finish line.  I felt AMAZING!
     I am not sure why I have been so scared.  So what if I come in last, at least I'm going to do it!  That's more than what a lot of people can say.  Anyways, it's not about the time.  It's about me reaching (another) one of my goals.  It's about the cause that this race is supporting.  It's about my girls seeing Mommy set a goal and work towards it until she finished.  I have to say, I have been sitting at my desk all day itching to find enough free time to write this.  I am really proud of myself.  I am really happy.  I have been fueled by my runner's high all day.  I know it might sound silly, but I almost feel invincible.  This Friday the 13th has turned out to be quite a lucky one for me. 
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