Friday, April 20, 2012

Like a Flash

     Okay, so tell me if anyone else out there has ever felt like this.  Sometimes when I am working out, usually it's when I'm running, I will be cruising along with my ipod and a song comes on that makes me want to dance.  As I start to get into the song more I catch my reflection in the window and see that I ma dancing around a bit while I run.  I have confessed to my ten year old that I've had these moments and it makes me want to start my own flash mob right there in the gym...but sadly no one at the gym knows of my secret and I would just be that crazy girl dancing around the gym to music only she can hear.

     Has anyone else ever wanted to do that?  I mean, you see it in musicals all the time where you just get swept up in the moment and start to sing an dance and no one gives you a second look.  My guess is though that if I were to try it in a real life situation, people would be far less forgiving.  I guess it might be different if my gym played music over a speaker least then we would all be hearing the same thing and my moves would make a LITTLE more sense, but since it's me and my own mix in my ear buds...I'm guessing the white coats could get called.

     How fun would that be though.  I had to promise my oldest that I would in fact NEVER break into song and dance anywhere in public that people may know her, and definitely NOT when she is around.  I'm sure as she gets a little older the restricted list will get longer.  For right now I am happy to break into my sweet moves at home with the little one.  She loves when Momma dances with her and she has some great moves of her own.  Maybe that's where this inspiration has come from.  She has been making up songs and dancing around to them for the past few weeks.  Maybe it has something to do with my history as a dancer for the entirety of my youth.  The music is in me!  Oh well, it helps keep me moving.  Logged another three miles today with a smile on my face and a flash mob in my head!
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