Wednesday, March 7, 2012

These boots were made for walking

     Yesterday was a bad day as far as food goes.  I had a HUGE event that I was running for my oldest daughter's girl scout troop.  We had 11 troops (approximately 150 girls), plus leaders and parents coming to our annual World Friendship Day event.  My co-leader and I have organized this event the past two years.  It works out well because we use the space where my husband works (for free) and he spoils us with lights, mics, power point, sound systems, etc.  (my hubby is a theatre technical director for a college).  I had to work my regular day and finalize details throughout.  I left work went to help my hubby and daughter finish setting tables, testing mics, getting our troop display up and ready...craziness! Tuesdays are already crazy because I run 2 programs every Tuesday morning at work as it is...this was just icing on the cake. :)
     So I leave my house at 630am to start my my programs at work, finalize details, am a bit stressed because we had a few last minute changes and a drop out I took what I brought for 2 days worth of lunch and eat it all in 1 sitting (ouch...that was a LOT of pasta).  Then rushing from work to go to vote, then to the bank to get my girl scout cookie money that is due, then to help set up.  I leave set up 1.5 hours later to pick up the tiny one from daycare and we head to McDonald's to get dinner for the fam (another ouch)!  I tried to get my hubby and I the best caloric choices (honey mustard grilled chicken wrap)...but the nice girl gave us an extra french fry and I couldn't help myself.
     After a very successful event, we all went home to do homework and rehearse the 10 year old's presentation on Nuclear Energy.  What an action packed day.  After eating so "wonderfully," I was riddled with guilt, but was so exhausted I couldn't stay awake to workout.  Bad me.  Then when I woke up this morning I felt like I had run a marathon.  My leg muscles were sore and tired.  I mean, I did do a lot of running around overall during the day Tuesday...and I do walk a quarter mile (total) to get to and from my car, plus I use the stairs instead of the elevator (work on the 3rd floor), and I carried my sweet little one around all night...oh, yeah...IN MY HIGH HEELED BOOTS!  I love my boots, and today I love them even more as I am giving them full credit for my aching muscles.
These aren't the exact boots-but are quite close

     My legs were so tired that when I got to the gym this morning with full intentions of spending some quality time on the stationary bike, I had to quit half way through and change to the treadmill to do a power walk instead.  So while still feeling guilty for not making the BEST choices yesterday, I did the best I could and feel that my new workout machine "the boots" at least helped a bit.  It did not stop my from hitting the gym this morning though and I am going to try and get in either a yoga or Pilate's tonight as well...I feel like a good workout with some serious stretching is what this girl needs.
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