Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sometimes it just has to be said

     I have a fear when it comes to certain exercises.  The way my body is built, I tend to add bulk muscles in my legs.  It's muscle right, so why worry?  Because when you are wearing long pants no one knows it's muscle.  I know this is incredibly vain, but it has always been something that I have been very self-conscious about.  Now that I am into my 30's, I have discovered different types of exercises (as you know I love me some Pilate's), but I also love yoga, dance, soccer, running.  I have grown wiser in my years too and have researched activities that help to tone and lengthen muscles, as opposed to build muscles.  recently I learned that where the treadmill is concerned slow and flat lengthens and strengthens while fast and ramped builds mass.  I used to think if I was on a good incline going at a good pace that I would be better for it because I'm working harder and burning more...but all that time I was creating what I feared!
     With all my fab workouts of late, why am I back on the bulk fear wagon you ask?  The warm weather and the bicycle.  I love riding with my girls.  My older daughter has real discussions with me when we are pedaling away, while the little one sits in her bike trailer singing or laughing or just yelling WEEEEE!  I refuse to give up that time with them...but I can feel my thighs working as I pedal mile after mile.  I know it's exercise, so it's good.  Whatever the outcome, at least I am being a strong and healthy role model for my girls...but that vain side of me keeps fearing that I will have the "big girl" thighs again sooner rather than later.  I try and make sure I am doing other workouts to keep a balance.  I finally am starting to have the legs I have always wanted,,,what to do, what to do?!?!?1
     What is your exercise fear?  Do you ever worry that what you do today, while good for you, may cause you to be unhappy tomorrow?  Inquiring minds want to know.
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